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Peugeot 307 Set up HeartRay HID bulb retrofit package

Arron, a passionate fan of dedicated aftermarket replacement package. He upgrades with a collection of HID light bulb and Aozoom ballast. The modification was so quick and the actions are rather effective. The replacement package includes HeartRay 35W HID light bulb, Aozoom 55W quick beginning ballast, and some other assembly.

We open up the Peugeot housing easily and then baked it into the oven for 20 minutes. Pick out the factory light bulb. Attach the wiring of the bi-xenon HID light bulb as well as the fast beginning ballast. The important things that needs to be careful is the favorable as well as unfavorable post should be attached properly, or else, the bulb would not light.

Mount the HID bulb right into the projector. Take the outlet out and repair with the wire in the projector. The next, place the bulb and spin it. The installment would uncomplicated than the projector retrofit. The final thing is to install the ballast in the car.

For the light test, the method it illuminate was super than the OEM. Arron did not see it in the past, he was pleased with the upgrade. Currently he can drive the Peugeot without any concerned. And also he can take pleasure in the intense light that emits in the road.

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